Remote Debriefing Assessment


Lou Halamek, MD, FAAP
Professor of Pediatrics
Director, CAPE

Nicole Yamada, MD, FAAP
Clinical Assistant Professor, Pediatrics
Associate Director, CAPE

Janene Fuerch, MD, FAAP
Clinical Assistant Professor, Pediatrics

Julie Arafeh, MSN, RN
Senior Simulation Specialist



At CAPE, we are driven by an unrelenting focus on improving human and system performance for the benefit of our patients. 

Debriefing a simulated or real-life clinical event is most effective when the debriefer is fluent with the necessary components of an interactive, engaging and video-aided debriefing.  The debriefer must know how to handle difficult situations when they arise. CAPE’s Remote Debriefing Assessment offers debriefers a simple and relatively low-cost way to further develop and maintain debriefing skills by receiving expert feedback at a time and place convenient to you. Using our innovative assessment tool, expert CAPE instructors read your scenario designs, analyze and score your video-taped debriefings, and share the assessment with you through a phone consultation.   This remote “debrief the debriefer” consultation allows busy healthcare professionals the opportunity to further improve their debriefing skills by targeting specific aspects of their real-life performance. 


* Identify opportunities to improve the delivery of constructive, objective and concise debriefings.

* Identify techniques for facilitating difficult debriefings, including how to handle learners that are quiet, defensive, overbearing, and sensitive.

* Craft a plan for continuous debriefing improvement.


A written notice of cancellation must be received 60 days prior to start of this program.  A $75 administrative fee will be assessed at this time.

30-59 days: 50% of paid registration is refundable.

30 days or less: Non-refundable. 

Stanford University School of Medicine reserves the right to cancel this program; in the event of cancellation, course fees will be fully refunded.


$495 per participant; includes two hours of debriefing analysis and one hour of consultation.

Tuition may be paid by credit card via phone or check payable to Stanford University and is due upon confirmation of registration.

CAPE's Remote Debriefing Assessment is designed to meet the needs of healthcare professionals and educators who wish to enhance their debriefings with skills including, but not limited to, drilling down for root causes, listening for red-flag words or phrases, and deconstructing defensiveness. 

Experience in debriefing is a prerequisite for this program.