CAPE’s goal in the area of training is to prepare physicians, nurses and allied healthcare professionals to successfully manage challenging clinical situations through simulated experiences that pose no risk to human patients. Using state-of-the-art technology, CAPE immerses medical teams in intense, dynamic and complex scenarios followed by constructive debriefings during which trainees build confidence and enhance their cognitive, technical and behavioral skills.  Trainees emerge from CAPE with new and improved skills that are highly relevant and transferable to patient care. 

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Provider programs - These programs are designed to enhance the skills of healthcare professionals engaged in patient care on a regular basis.  Attendees in these programs range from novices desiring to learn basic skills to experts looking to enhance mastery.  Training is tailored to meet the specific needs of this wide range of attendees.

Instructor programs - Programs for instructors are designed for those who intend to develop simulation-based training programs and methodologies at their home institutions.  Attendees range from those who engage in patient care on a regular basis to those who serve in an educator, risk management or patient safety role in their institution. These programs can also be customized to suit clinical goals.



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