Programs for Healthcare Instructors

Simulation Instructor

Focused on Simualtion-Based Learning and Outcomes-Based Debriefing

CAPE's two and a half day Simulation Instructor Program challenges professionals to design, deliver and improve highly effective training programs for their own hospitals, clinics or education centers. This is CAPE's most comprehensive program with a longstanding interest by professionals from around the world who seek to promote performance improvements using simulation as the methodology for learning in healthcare.

Online Debriefing Program

Master Effective Debriefing Strategies at Your Own Pace

Healthcare professionals work in complex, high-risk environments where safety is paramount and human lives are at stake. Rigorous training and objective assessment, if done well, are proven methods for optimizing individual and team performance and improving the quality of care. In this intensive online program (accredited for CME and CEU) enrollees will learn the strategies necessary to learn how to effectively debrief the performance of healthcare professionals in intensive simulated scenarios. 

Advanced Debriefing

Advance Your Debriefing Skills to the Next Level

During CAPE's full-day Advanced Debriefing Program, trainees actively enhance their ability to deliver constructive, objective and concise debriefings by functioning as the lead and assistant debriefer of increasingly complex scenarios.  This one-day program empowers professionals with debriefing skills that leverage the most learning from both real-life and simulated medical events. 

Intensive Scenario Design

Become an Expert Designer of Multidisciplinary Scenarios

Creating a dynamic scenario is more than simply writing up past patient encounters.  In this full-day program, trainees tie clear and concise learning objectives to cognitive, technical and behavioral skills in scenarios designed to meet the needs of learners with varying levels of experience. Trainees leave the program with two fully drafted scenarios to use at their home institutions.

Debriefing Real Clinical Events

Learn Debriefing Strategies Specific to Live Patient Care

Debriefing real-world clinical events requires different strategies than those typically used in training environments.  During this full-day program, special consideration of legal issues is accompanied by multiple opportunities for trainees to conduct debriefings and receive expert feedback on how to deliver constructive, objective and concise debriefings in the real clinical setting.