Programs for Healthcare Providers

Online Debriefing

Master Effective Debriefing Strategies at Your Own Pace

Healthcare professionals work in complex, high-risk environments where safety is paramount and human lives are at stake. Rigorous training and objective assessment, if done well, are proven methods for optimizing individual and team performance and improving the quality of care. In this intensive online program (accredited for CME and CEU) enrollees will learn the strategies necessary to learn how to effectively debrief the performance of healthcare professionals in intensive simulated scenarios. 


Practice Difficult Delivery Room Neonatal Resuscitation

Participation in increasingly complex scenarios followed by constructive debriefings enables trainees to actively practice the key cognitive, technical and behavioral skills necessary to achieve optimal performance during challenging neonatal emergencies.  CAPE's full-day NeoSim Program highlights team-based behavioral skills such as active decision making, leadership and communication.  American Academy of Pediatrics NRP Provider Card earned upon successful completion of this program.


Navigate Difficult Conversations with Patients and Families in Healthcare

CounselSim offers a full day of realistic scenarios to learn how to manage difficult conversations with patients and families facing complicated diseases and end-of-life issues.  The program provides first-hand opportunities for healthcare professionals to practice speaking in direct and empathetic ways about the likelihood of success for high-risk treatments and family goals given the burden experienced by dying patients and their families.


Manage Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation Emergencies

ECMOSim™ provides physicians, nurses and allied healthcare professionals the opportunity to practice for those rare but potentially devastating ECMO complications.  A fully functional ECMO circuit including pump, oxygenator, tubing and mixed venous oxygen saturation monitor is primed with a blood substitute and connected to a patient simulator and patient monitor, allowing the realistic simulation of life-threatening emergencies involving both the circuit and the patient.


Develop Strategies to Perform Immediate Maternal and Neonatal Resuscitation

This dynamic full-day program is designed for teams to practice the unique life-saving interventions required when a pregnant mother arrests.  Trainees practice the content knowledge, technical skills and behavioral skills required in the context of increasingly complex realistic scenarios.  American Academy of Pediatrics NRP Provider Card and American Heart Association (AHA) BLS Provider Card earned upon successful completion of this program; AHA ACLS Card not earned as part of this program.

Debriefing Real Clinical Events

Learn Debriefing Strategies Specific to Live Patient Care

Debriefing real-world clinical events requires different strategies than those typically used in training environments.  During this full-day program, special consideration of legal issues is accompanied by multiple opportunities for trainees to conduct debriefings and receive expert feedback on how to deliver constructive, objective and concise debriefings in the real clinical setting.